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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Great Henna Swap!

With all the stress of impending festival season (for us, it starts this weekend!), grad nights, after prom lock ins, and the general hubbub of spring, its easy to forget what brings us back to the office every day. The hours grow longer, the paste slings faster, and we hardly have a moment to stop and breathe. This April isn't any different. But a funny thing is happening over the next few weeks that we have termed "The Great Henna Swap".

"What is this amazing event?" you may ask! "How do I become a part of it?" Well, its pretty easy since it has happened completely by accident! Check it out.

Wendy is in Ohio to visit Catherine for a project. Flavia is on her way to Hawaii for vacation, and is making a local delivery while out there. Joey is coming out to California to help Henna Caravan while we're down a man (then 2!). Carissa is flying out to New Orleans to meet with Wendy to henna the heck out of Jazz Fest. Then, to top it all off, Chris is coming to California to lend a hand at Strawberry.

And thus! The Great Henna Swap is born. Join us!

Maybe one of your henna friends needs help at an upcoming festival or just a baby sitter for the weekend of their sister's wedding. Whatever it is, we are part of such an amazingly tight knit community, there are dozens of people able and willing to help. You don't have to fly cross country to lend a hand. Have a mini get together with artists in your area. Find an event that you'd normally be overwhelmed by and make a go of it with your new found team. Set up a Google+ party and video chat over tea, showing off your latest henna crafts!

The point is, its easy to let the frustrations of the busy season mount until all you can think about is "Why oh why do I even bother with henna?" Then you see something like this- friends jetsetting around to help friends- and you remember that the community makes it worth it. YOU make it worth it. At the end of the day that is what matters most. Working together for mutual success, because we're all a team, all one big crazy henna family.

The Great Henna Swap may not be all that exciting, but it is pretty cool. Or at least, that's what we think.


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