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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pure henna over salt'n'pepper grey

Last year when I posted our Henna over Grey tutorial, I completely forgot to include pictures. I was scrolling through some photos and came across these three from a dear friend in Australia. She dyed her hair using only pure henna, and documented the result. If pure henna is too "bright" for you, try adding a bit of indigo, or doing a 2-step process to get darker color. I love this color on her, though, and love the natural highlights her grey streaks create!

Elizabeth's Before:

Immediately after application:

And 48 Hours after application!

Henna permanently dyes the hair follicle, so after you reach your desired depth of color, you can do easy keep up with your roots! Tone down the reds with amla, mix with cassia for more strawberry hues, or use indigo to get a range of browns and even black.

To see some of Elizabeth's henna work, visit her facebook page Henna Oasis. She is located on the Gold Coast.

For video tutorials of how to apply henna to hair, visit HennaCaravanTV  or click the links in the side bar.


Laurie Ritchey said...

It looks beautiful! laurie

Jeanette Chaney said...

I need to try this with my gray! I tell people it's paint but I don't think they believe me:(